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Do you ever wonder if the world notices when you’re kind? Do you wonder if your little baby steps of doing your part are really making that much of a difference in our world? Among all the chaos and tragedy, we want to reassure you that we see you. The self-satisfaction that comes from doing something nice for someone who will never know it is worth its weight in gold, but the ultimate satisfaction should be the ripple effect your actions are having on this world. Paying it forward will undoubtedly encourage that person to the do the same.

We see you walk across the parking lot to return your cart instead of propping it within the adjacent flower bed even though it would be totally justified since you have a baby in your arms. We see the single moms and dads who are working tirelessly to make ends meet, who ignore their own hunger pangs to satisfy the bellies of their children and who still speak respectfully of the no-longer-present parent because after all that is still Mommy or Daddy to their child. The young and old who remove their hats, hold their hands over their hearts and remain silent even during the Little League Pledge of Allegiance, we see you. For those of you who buy a coffee for the next guy in line, pay for someone to fill their gas tank or return the wallet to lost and found without emptying the contents first, we see you too.

We see you, mama who speaks fondly of your deceased husband, refraining from telling your two boys that their dad actually committed suicide, and for that we honor you. Let them always feel that he left this world not by his own choosing. And when the leaves move in the trees, they will find comfort knowing he is thinking about them at that moment, because that is what you have taught them. You have given this to them and not because you have to but because it’s what’s best for them.

For the military families who voluntarily play the role of single parent so their spouse can serve our country, we see you. It takes a strong person to remain grateful for their spouse’s sacrifice and refrain from having bitterness to the workload that now falls solely upon their shoulders. We have so much respect for the weight you carry on your shoulders so our country can remain free.

The Secret Santas, the Earth Angels, the people who sponsor sports teams, buying oranges, pepperoni sticks and cookies only to donate them to the local food shelter… we see you and pray that you keep up the good work. In a world that seems to be getting darker by the minute, these gestures may not be changing people’s lives but they are having an impact on their outlooks.

In our families, we call it a “kindness” and each day our kids are assigned the task of doing one for someone else. Some days it’s of more substance than others, but they are learning that the significance of putting someone else before yourself is imperative in our daily lives, even if that person doesn’t know they did it. One of the best parts when we grab them from school is to hear them talk about their good deed of the day.

No matter what you do or where you are, there is always an opportunity to do something just because it’s a nice thing to do. Realtors — straighten up your competitor’s sign when you see it leaning instead of wondering how long it’s looked like that and rejoicing in their inability to keep everything perfect. If you’re headed up toward Hyatt Prairie for a showing, offer to take some extra brochures to fill their flyer box while you’re up there. Be kind — it costs nothing but makes a lasting impression. If you’re collecting your newspaper in the pouring rain and see your neighbor’s copy at the end of their drive… grab it and toss it on their step. They may never know it’s you, but who cares? Feels good, doesn’t it?

Challenge yourself to do a “kindness” each day. Let’s ask ourselves, “What can I do today to make someone else’s day brighter?” Do it for your spouse, your kids or a complete stranger… just do it.  We are reminding ourselves everyday that we can make an impact.  The right road isn’t always the easy road; but in the end you actually get somewhere your soul can blossom.


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