What Do You Value Most?

In talking with our patients over the years we’ve heard all types of interesting stories about people’s healthcare experiences.  Many of these stories are deeply touching and uplifting, inspiring us to be positive influences in our patients’ lives.  Other stories are surprising and disappointing, acting as lessons for us to learn from.

The most fascinating aspect is how different everyone’s needs are.  What one person values most in a healthcare practitioner, another person could care less about.  One patient’s top priority is often another patient’s least concern.

Instead of assuming that we know what you value most in a healthcare provider, we thought we’d ask you directly.  This brief survey will help us understand what matters most to you.  We value your opinion.  Thank you for taking the time to help us better serve you!


1. Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 – 5.    (5 being the MOST important, 1 being the LEAST important) 


________ The practitioner spends enough time listening to my health concerns.

________ The practitioner effectively resolves my health concerns.

________ The practitioner has many years of experience and credentials.

________ The practitioner is caring and compassionate.

________ Affordability.

________ Other: ____________________________________________________


2.  What bothers you MOST when working with your healthcare provider?


a. Waiting in the waiting room for a long time.

b. Leaving a message and not getting a prompt return call.

c. When the practitioner spends only ten minutes with me, before rushing off to see another patient.

d. An uncomfortable office environment.

e. The bill.

f.  Other: _______________________________


3. TELL US YOUR STORY. Without using specific names, what is your most meaningful or profound healthcare experience? Or what is your most bizarre, offensive, funny, awkward, disappointing healthcare experience?

Bring this completed survey to our OPEN HOUSE, on FIRST FRIDAY, September 6th, for a chance to WIN A FREE TREATMENT!!  Enjoy the ART RECEPTION by Wanda Pepin, local wine, catering by Boulton & Son, live music, and our NEW, EXPANDED office!

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