Why Sage Medicine is Unique

As I sit here in our beautiful and serene office, I reflect upon what makes us truly different from other practitioners. We take the time to listen to our patients. We schedule each patient on the hour and a half, allowing each person to fully absorb the treatment they are receiving. We consciously choose to only treat one person at a time. We feel this personalized attention contributes to the effectiveness of our treatments.

By slowing down we engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation, proper digestion, healthy sleep cycles, and overall wellbeing. When we as practitioners remain in this “rest and digest” mode, our patients can more easily access this healing state as well. By allowing spaciousness within ourselves we can be truly present with each patient.

This is one of the gifts we offer to each patient. We embrace this relaxed pace in our clinic, which is felt as soon as you walk in. While surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere, you can reconnect with your breath, relax your mind, and focus on the healing your body needs.

While in the treatment room, we take the time to listen to each patient’s story with a focused presence. We perform a thorough health intake, gathering all of the important details of a patient’s health history as well as their current state of health. We utilize traditional Chinese and Japanese diagnostic methods including assessment of the pulse, tongue, abdomen, and meridian palpation.

Our treatments are not only limited to acupuncture. We have advanced training in many other therapeutic bodywork techniques, including craniosacral therapy, Zen shiatsu, and deep tissue massage. We find that we achieve better results by integrating these hands-on techniques into our sessions. We are also passionate about educating our patients, guiding them to optimal health with lifestyle recommendations, nutritional therapy, and herbal medicine protocols.

Are you looking for a healthcare practitioner who gives you the time and energy that you deserve to assist you on your healing journey? Are you looking for a holistic, integrative approach to medicine that can treat your symptoms as well as the underlying cause of your imbalance? This is what we look for in a healthcare practitioner too, so we have devoted our lives to providing the same quality of care for our patients.

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