What does Ashland need to do to attract more economic opportunity?

The city must define the types of businesses it wishes to attract. Light manufacturing is attractive as based on Brammo’s Enertia Electric Motorcycles model. The possibility of a food manufacturing entity such as Amy’s is possible. Before further discussion of type, we should entertain the thought of enterprise zones to attract businesses that might not invest here without incentives. We need to have affordable, pleasant, and safe housing for the labor force. It would be possible to attract people of position in large companies situated on the east coast and elsewhere to work from home in Ashland using Ashland Fiber Network. The possibilities are huge and it is up to the city to make them work. The location of the city is ideal for the  movement of product and the receipt of supplies. The time has come to define what we want, do the necessary zoning and paper work and get going!



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