Where do you see the city in 10 or 20 years?

This is an interesting fantasy based question. Of course I would like to see the city relatively self-sufficient, independently generating necessary local electricity so that we are our own grid. Lovely affordable neighborhoods on the model of the SOU family housing. A healthy and attractive business community. A down town partially pedestrian oriented and bereft of automobiles. No development encroaching arable land. Automobiles and trucks powered by hydrogen or other technology so emissions are harmless. A city that is the standard for urban development. Amazing technology in use as envisioned by members of Ashland’s great asset of local talent and abilities.
On the other hand, due to circumstances over which we have no control, we are subject to the new rules and demands of the consortium of the new owners of the United States, the Chinese and Saudi Arabia. Life is very different and the creative skills are underground cells. It is a different, not very comfortable world. But then, we have no control over the machinations of our national government if we don’t vote!


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