Are You Tired of Being Stuck?

Does it ever feel like you are living in that movie “Groundhog Day,” where you wake up and have to live the same day over and over?  Do you feel stuck in your body – unable to shift the pain or tension that you feel?  Are you stuck financially – unable to move forward and create your dream career?  Are you stuck emotionally – unable to feel and embrace those emotions that create momentum, help you take your power back and finally make the changes that you are so ready for?

So many of us feel trapped in a life that is less than our deepest heart’s desire and feel powerless to do anything about it.   When you have past and present physical, emotional and chemical trauma stored in your body, your posture goes into one of defense and your nervous system is operating in survival mode.  You are then less able to dream out of the box and see the limitless possibilities that life has to offer.  You are less able to effectively unwind tension and feel those emotions that create action and the ability to make positive change in your life.  You remain stuck in your body, in your life, and cannot move forward.

This is exhausting!!  It actually takes way more energy to stay stuck than it does to take action and create an extraordinary life.  At Soulwave Chiropractic, we teach the body how to transform the old physical, emotional and chemical trauma into energy so it is available for you to finally step up and break out of the box you have been living in and say “Enough of this!” Through Network Care the defensive posturing becomes one of ease, activating the parts of the brain that help you make healthy choices and live your life in an empowered and passionate way.  AND… as a result pain goes away, and you feel more free and flexible in your body than ever before.  Most people think, “once I am out of pain I will make the change I know I need to make.” Not true!!  If you make the change, your body will respond, as pain is always the messenger reminding you that you are ready to play more full out in life!

At the last Network training I was at, my teacher asked us the question: “Are you the hero or heroine in your life and in the lives of those around you?”  Such a great question.   In my opinion, we should never settle for anything less.

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