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About Soulwave Chiropractic Studio:

“To anyone seeking relief from pain and ready to make huge breakthrough’s in their life – I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Erin Pollinger and Soulwave Chiropractic. Working with her has changed my life! After having chronic pain in my sacrum for over 10 years and trying so many things to no avail, it has been working with her that has not only brought me huge release and transformation in my body, but also has helped me make massive beneficial life changes as I re-organize and re-program my nervous system and posture! Honestly, this is the best investment I have ever made in my own well being!” ~ Eden

“I started Network Care because I was unable to work and nearly unable to function.  I was experiencing severe and debilitating pain in my neck, left arm and hand.  After exams by several specialists, which included x-rays, MRI’s, and nerve conductivity tests, I was diagnosed with severe herniation of the C-6 disc in my neck and surgery was recommended.  After a month of care by Dr. Erin, I experienced an incredible reduction in pain and immobility and truly felt I was healing and normal functioning resumed.  A second MRI was taken after just over 2 months of care and it indicated to abnormality.  This diagnosis was certainly confirmed by my well-being, both physical and emotional. I am grateful!”
~ Greg

“I love the way I feel when I leave Dr. Erin’s office after receiving a NSA chiropractic adjustment! I feel taller, more open, and its like I stand up straighter ready to face the world. I’ve actually had to adjust my rearview mirror before I drove away because I was sitting much taller and straighter than before I went in for my appointment. Erin has a contagious zest for life and she only wants the best for her clients. Her chiropractic gifts are remarkable and I love being on the receiving end of her nurturing touch!”
~ Megan

About Ultimate Alignment Coaching:

“Coaching with Dr. Erin has been a blessing to witness a chiropractor doing many of the things I’ve envisioned for myself.  She’s been a role model, teacher, and guide for me to discover wounds and places within myself that needed healing.  I’ve been stuck in survival mode for so long, that not only did I not have energy for healing or creating, but my perception was stuck in the old stories that I was replaying over and over again.  The old patterns required a depth of reorganization that I could not do alone. I feel greater freedom and knowingness that all my heart’s desires are possible, and dreams can be renewed.  With Dr. Erin’s support as a gifted healer and coach, I now have access to more tools and shifts in consciousness to do the inner work that supports the outer shifts.  I know I can change the old stories and recreate new ones at any time to be in alignment within myself and with the creation of my ultimate dream practice and dream life!”

~ Cheryl Berry, D.C.

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