Back once again

I haven’t posted in here in quite sometime. I go through periods of time where I want to blog alot and other times not at all. But I’m back again :) I’m going to try and post daily, even if only to MAKE myself do it. I need to make a goal and stick to it, and so, this blog, will be my small step. :) I’m currently “on call” at Harry & David. But I’m able to get unemployment so I do have alittle bit of money coming in. So thats good. In the meantime I’m babysitting for my sister, and catching up both on my reading, and on my mail. I have pen pals everywhere, which I think I mentioned before. I am keeping my eye out for other employment options, but so far, I haven’t found much. But thats the story for damn near everyone right now I think. Well, I’ll end here for now. I have to go take my niece for a walk :)