As of last night, it now appears extreamly likely that I will be moving out of my grandma’s house by the end of summer at the latest. A very good (Male) friend of mine’s “aunt” just passed away. My friend and his mom had been living with, and taking care of this aunt for the past, oh, I think 15 years or so. She had no kids, and left everything to my friend’s mom. Well, my friend’s mom is unhappy with her current job, she works as a caregiver, and she would like to move to the coast and work/live there, and basically be alone for awhile. She told my friend that she would pretty much give him the house. The house itself is paid for, so the only thing he would need to do is save money for the property taxes. He asked me if I wanted to be a room mate. I said hell yeah of course. There is a possiblity that a friend of mine may move out here, (and in with us) from Buffalo…. She started out as a pen pal of mine, and she visited here 2 times already. She met my friend the first time she was here, and came back the second time to spend some more time with HIM ;) I was VERY happy with that developement by the way. My male friend and I are just friends…. We tried dating about 5 years ago and it ended after a week… we had already known each other for about 5 years, and when we tried kissing, well, to put mildly, we both wanted to puke. So there won’t be ANY issues there!!! LMAO….. Now we just got to wait and see….. His mom is going to the coast, I think next month, to see about some job opps.   She’s a caregiver, so I don’t think she’ll have any problems. While she could do it here, she really just wants to get away, and I don’t blame her. Plus its the coast, I mean hell, if I had the chance, I’d go too!!! :)  WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!! 

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I'm 28, upfront and blunt, sassy, kind, openminded, laidback and tend to take things as they come. But I also know when to stand up for myself.

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