Nutjobs part 2

Well I mentioned the last time that it wasn’t just men who wrote me that were freaky or psycho. There have been women as well. One, was a girl I’ll call Stacy. She lived in Michigan and told me that she was Wiccan. Now, I am open to most beliefs, and I knew enough about Wicca not to be alarmed by it. But she proceded to try and convert me. Now, I don’t shove what I believe down anyone’s throat, and I ask the same in return. But she didn’t take a hint. I quit writing her, but even when I stopped writing her, for about 4 months afterwards I kept getting mail from her that was all basically chewing me out for not being more “open”.


The worst offender out of the females however was a woman I’ll call Yvonne. She saw one of my pen pal ads on a a pen pal website, and wrote me first. In that first letter she told me that she was a lesbian, and that she was very upfront about that because she didn’t want to write to someone who was ignorant, and that if I had a problem with it, don’t bother writing her back. Well, I’m a pretty upfront, and blunt person myself and I respect that in others as well. And frankly, her being gay didn’t bother me at all. She wasn’t the first one I knew, and god knows she wouldn’t be the last.  So I wrote her back, and said that was fine by me, I had other pen pals and friends who were gay or bi, and it was no biggie for me.


After that, the first couple of letters were ok, but after about 2 months she started asking me for my gay pen pals addresses. She wanted to write to other gay people, and wanted me to either give her their addresses, or pass her’s on to them. Now, at first, I could kinda understand her wanting that, but I told her I couldn’t just give out their address without their permission (I wouldn’t do that to anyone!) but that if she did want me to, I would pass on her info to a few of my gay pen pals. She was ok with that.


At the time I had 3 pen pals were gay or bi. 2 women, 1 guy.  Lacy, and Erryn were the 2 women, and I did write them, told them alittle about the situation, and asked if they would write her. Erryn said yes. Lacy said no, due to the fact that her partner at the time had a problem with her writing to other gay women. (She didn’t mind her writing to straight women however, lol) Well, Erryn wrote her, and for about a month after that I didn’t hear anything from either her or Yvonne.


Then Erryn called me. And OMG……. To make a long story short, she had written Yvonne, and told her alittle bit about herself, nothing heavy, flirty, etc. She was just being nice. Well, when Yvonne wrote her back, she told her that quote “You sound hot as hell, and I want to be with you. Are you single, do you want me, do you want to come see me, can I come see you, can I move in with you” and on and on and on….. Erryn didn’t bother to write her back, and of course I didn’t blame her. The problem was, after that FOR MONTHS AND FREAKIN MONTHS Yvonne continued sending Erryn and me letters.


She wrote me, begging me to talk to Erryn and  “make her write me back” and also bitching me out for “hooking her up” with her if she wasn’t really a “real woman”. She wrote Erryn, declaring her undying love for her, and asking why she was making her cry herself to sleep every night thinking about her and please baby please write her and be with her.


Whats alittle scary now is that at least once a year I’ll get a letter from her STILL. She’ll start out all nice and crap, and then end with with “I still want to hear from Erryn, can you send me her address I lost it” and yada yada yada.




Anyways there been a few others, which I can only describe as kinda crazy, but those 2 were the worst. The rest are mostly one’s who will tell me one thing, then in the next letter say something completely different. Like one gal told me her boyfriend’s name is Larry, and in the next letter its Shane. I asked her if she broke up with Larry, and she was all ” No who’s larry, I’ve been with Shane for 3 years” then in the very next letter tells me her and Larry are going on vacation in FL. Alrighty then.


I’ll always enjoy pen palling. But, as with the internet, the freaks come with it. :) Weeding through them sometimes is alittle crazy, but sometimes interesting as well. And sometimes you end up with some friends for life, crazy or not, lmao!!

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I'm 28, upfront and blunt, sassy, kind, openminded, laidback and tend to take things as they come. But I also know when to stand up for myself.

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