Well then….

So much for writing at least once a week, lol. I’ve just been busy. I’m still babysitting for my sis but they moved out to white city a couple of weeks ago, they got a house out there, so I’m riding the bus out there mostly, though usually on monday’s the kids are at my house (my gram’s house actually), cause my sis only has one class that day.  Other than that, there’s not much going on. I’m reading ALOT, and writing my pen pals… I think I mentioned before I still write pen pals, the old school kind, ya might remember it, you use an actual envelope, and stamp. lol :D Even though stamps are going up on monday (NEWSFLASH: The stamps go up to 44 cents on monday) I’m still doing it. I’ll probably keep writing every day til my fingers fall off or I wake up dead, whatever comes first. In 2007, I “discovered” that there were still people out there, both in the US, and overseas who self published pen pal publications. I now subscribe to 5 here in the US, and one overseas, a UK publication called Rainbows. I’ve also published ads on other overseas newsletters for pen pals, and have ended up with a few very interesting new friends. Now I won’t lie to you, alot of the oversea’s mail, has been from men, telling me that they saw my picture, and fell in love on sight with me. I don’t reply to those idiots. If they seriously think I’m falling for that their outta their minds. The bulk of those letters come from India, and Ghana (west africa). Now not all of the people who write me from there are like that, I have one 15 year old female pal in india who only asked me if I could send her sheets of stickers for her scrapbooks, along with writing letters to her. I said yes of course. Then there’s Alex in Ghana, who only wanted my friendship, and has never asked me for money or gifts etc. But then he got married, and he wrote me a letter saying goodbye because his wife didn’t want him writing to other females. I wasn’t happy about that, but then again I could understand (somewhat). Anyways I’m rambling away today, and I’ll end here for now. Til the next time…..

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I'm 28, upfront and blunt, sassy, kind, openminded, laidback and tend to take things as they come. But I also know when to stand up for myself.

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