Nut Jobs through the years….

As I stated in the last blog, I enjoy pen palling. I got a po box when I turned 18, mainly because my grandma didn’t like all the mail coming to the house, plus, I liked the little bit of privacy. However, within a year, or so, after I got it, it became apparent I needed it for another reason. Now I get pen pals several ways. One is of course mutual pen pals, the other is pen pal web sites, friendship books (go google it for a better explanation than I can give), and also pen pal publications.


When I was about 19 or 20, I began corresponding with a guy I’ll call “Roy”. He got my info out of a newsletter called Kelch Enterprises. The first couple of letters were mostly small talk, giving basic info, age, name, jobs, family details type of thing. Nothing heavy, and he liked to throw in a few jokes here and there. He seemed like a nice person. He lived in Utah, and said he was 28 or so. After a few months of writing to me, he told me that he liked me more than  “like” and wanted to meet me. Now, at the time I was single, and looking, but #1, he had yet to send me his photo, and #2. It was completely outta the blue… I mean, I was like alittle bit stunned. I told him that I didn’t really feel the same way, and that I considered him a new friend, and nothing more, and I was honest with him about being very surprised by what he said.


Well, about a month went by and I heard nothing from him, and I figured he decided to blow me off… Which I wasn’t exactly disappointed by. Then, I got a postcard from him….. An Oregon postcard. Postmarked Medford OR. Thats right. The dude came up here.  The postcard said


“Kylie, I was in town, and I was hoping to see you, and show you how I feel. But I couldn’t find a phone # for you. (NOTE: If the fool had actually read my letters, he would have known I live with my gram, and therefor didn’t have a # listed FOR ME!!!!) I’ll be back next month, write me, Roy”.


I completely wigged out of course.  I had no idea what to do so I called a buddy of mine who’s brother is a police officer in Eugene. His bro called me later that night and asked me some questions, and I told him everything. He said that because he hadn’t actually come anywhere near me, there wasn’t much I could do. BUT, he told me to document EVERYTHING I got from him, and also tell my family and friends what was going on. I told damn near all my friends. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell my grandma.


Mainly due to the fact that I enjoy breathing.


I talked it over with a few friends, and decided to write him one final letter, and with their help crafted a pretty snappy reply.  Basically I told him that I had contacted the police and that if he DARED come near me or contact me again, well, he was pretty much a dead man. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I figured I needed to do something.


I never heard from the freak again. Thank You God.


The reason I bring this up, was because, sadly, it wasn’t the last freak I would deal with by mail. He was only the first. Most didn’t do what he did, by actually coming up here, but, well, last friday I got a letter from a guy from Chicago. He sent me a list of questions, one of which was how soon I wanted to get married. Apparently to him.


Once, a few years back, I had one guy write me and ask me to be his “mistress”. Only his version of mistress was actually a Dominixx (spell??). I never answered his letter, but for about 4 months afterwards I got the most nasty letters I’ve ever recieved from anyone, from him. He also got my info out of Kelch Enterprises, but nothing in my ad could be considered sexual or anything like that. It was crazy.


I don’t limit my friends. I’ll write or talk to anyone, any age, or gender. Some I become close to, others I don’t. I do correspond with inmates as well, though I’ve limited that in recent years too. Not because of any bad situations (Ironically, they’ve been the most respectful), but mostly because of, and thanks to Kelch Enterprises. When I placed the ad with them, I thought they were a pen pal newsletter. I had stated at the time that inmates were ok to write. Well that was a mistake. But only because apparently Kelch mails their newsletter to damn near very inmate in the country. At the height of it, I was getting 10-15 letters PER FREAKIN DAY from inmates.


I’m still getting some today in response to those old ads. Not nearly as many as their used to be, thank God, but even though I wrote Kelch and asked to be removed (which they did do, I give them credit for that) the ads have been copied and re-copied, usually by other inmates trying to make alittle $$.


Now, don’t get me wrong… some of the crazies over the years haven’t been men. There have been women as well. And actually, thats a blog for another day, because man……. Well, lets just say one or 2 came to be as bad as Roy.

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