The best way to experience the difference our Pilates classes can make on your healing/strengthening journey is to come and see for yourself. That’s why we’re offering free classes for one day only. This is a fabulous opportunity for anyone interested in learning the basics of Pilates, those with questions about long term mobility and health, or anyone curious about posture.

Because no two bodies are the same, each mini-session will accompany a free one-on-one postural assessment. This consultation will help you understand the benefits of the reformer equipment specific to your postural profile. Free classes will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis with scheduling available online or in-person at the studio. Classes are small, use the Pilates reformer equipment, and are limited to no more than 4 people per session.

Free Pilates Classes

Sunday, April 19th, 11am – 4pm only

30 minutes each

first come, first served

schedule online or at the office

Pilates Reformer Equipment

Small Groups

Free Customized Postural Assessment

No charge

Online scheduling is easy and offered until all time slots fill. Classes are limited to no more than 4 at a time, so you’ll never have to wait to use the equipment. Our Wellness Center studio is designed to allow you to easily use all our therapeutic exercise equipment with plenty of customized instruction to address your postural goals.

You don’t have to live with chronic pain. If you’re ready to move without pain, we’re here to provide you with the resources you need to do the things you love! Call the office or visit our website to learn more about our Wellness Center membership program, TRE® and Posturally Restorative Pilates classes and how we can work together to address what’s really causing the problem.