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Getting to the Core Issue

It seems like everywhere you turn, experts tell us how important it is to develop core strength. Sounds easy enough, right? All it takes is a commitment to a daily practice including sit-ups, crunches, and planks and you should be good to go. Not so fast. Unfortunately, working to find core strength without addressing postural misalignments encourages the wrong muscles to fire to get the job done. If you work out regularly doing yoga, pilates, or any number of high-intensity exercise programs and experience chronic low back or hip pain over-emphasis of certain muscle groups could be the issue.

When it comes to building core strength, which is a good idea for most everyone, it’s not just about adding more reps to your daily routine. If it was as simple as doing planks we would all have rock-hard abs and would likely experience much less pain. The truth is, it’s much more important to develop the ability to facilitate appropriate muscle use by practicing proper movement patterns. This involves learning to “feel” the difference when the right muscle groups are firing when they’re supposed to. Again, this is easier said than done. If you’re not familiar with what it feels like to fire up your hamstrings when your low back wants to take over, it can take some practice. But why is core strength so important, anyway? Not only is it a vital component to proper breathing mechanics, but it also helps decrease pain and increase endurance. 

And I’ll say it again, a little louder than before, how we breathe is the foundation from which all forward progress flows. That’s why aligning balanced movement with proper breathing is essential if you’re looking for results that last. If you’re ready to build core strength, eliminate chronic pain, and move with freedom, I’m here to get you back to the activities you love. We’ll identify the source of your postural misalignment so we can create a customized plan for strength and recovery.

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