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The Movement Studio Bodywork & PT – Integration Can Improve Outcomes

Because I became a licensed massage therapist not long after I began my career, integrating bodywork into my physical therapy practice comes quite naturally. The benefits of massage go beyond the positive feelings that come with a healing touch. Therapeutic massage is also known to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and improve flexibility. Not to mention […]

Mary Gorman PT, LMT The Movement Studio

Many of us are all too familiar with chronic pain. The nagging kind that makes it hard to get up out of bed in the morning—to enjoy playing with the grandkids, run like we used to or even unload the groceries out of the car. For those who have hit middle age and beyond, it […]

Why the PT You’ve Tried Might Not be Working

Human bodies aren’t one-size-fits-all which is why traditional models of physical therapy don’t always fix the problem. The shoulder pain you’re experiencing may not actually be about your shoulder. It could be originating in your hip. How you breathe could be contributing as well. To be effective, corrective physical therapy exercises must be integrated with […]