If you’ve ever sought treatment from a chiropractor or physical therapist and have been told that asymmetry is the reason you’re in pain, you might be tempted to think your imbalance is unique. The truth is most of us are out of balance in a variety of ways. One leg might look longer than the other, the right side of your rib cage might flare out more than the left. The slope of your shoulders might not be even, and one knee might roll out more than the other. Asymmetry is actually a normal part of inhabiting a body. Our ability to stay “neutral” or in balance is constantly in flux and being a little “off” at any given time is quite common. Most of the time we’re unaware of this asymmetry because it is not problematic. But when these imbalances remain constant, often due to years of habitual movement patterns, they can cause injury and chronic pain. Problematic for sure.

Pilates is a form of gentle exercise that can be an effective way to help our bodies decrease stress on the joints and decompress the spine. The problem is that traditional Pilates training doesn’t provide instructors with the education required to understand the dysfunctional movement patterns and address them properly. Most Pilates exercises are given on both sides, which unfortunately reinforces the asymmetrical patterns which could be causing pain and injury in the first place instead of correcting.

Thankfully my Postural Restoration Institute™ training allows me to identify patterns of asymmetrical movement in my clients so we can target the imbalances and retrain the brain and the body to correct them. By putting together a customized Pilates program, I can teach you to get balanced and find your “neutral” to strengthen muscles weakened by years of old movement patterns. My goal is to help you be the most efficient, balanced, and pain-free mover you can be.

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