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LocalsGuide: Why do patients get better so quickly at your office?

Dr Heller: I’ve thought about this a lot.

For one, we are committed to getting patients better as quickly as possible. This is where we start -attempting to help you get well as quickly as humanly possible. Our bottom line is about you!

Two, we are doctors and diagnosticians. This means we are constantly trying to figure out exactly what is wrong. Problems that persist usually have multiple aspects, and we attempt to solve the puzzle. We go beyond just looking at what is out of place in the spine, or what muscles are tight. It’s about the overall picture. The xray or MRI often leads people astray, the answer is not usually about what is wearing out in the anatomy. When we see patients who have not responded, the most common thing I see is that they either do not have a definite diagnosis, or have the wrong diagnosis.

Three, we have a deep toolbox. That means we have a lot of different tools to help you. If whatever we are doing is not working, we will quickly switch gears and try other methods. This goes along with figuring out what is wrong. We know and use multiple soft tissue methods, including ART, Graston technique, and neuro-mobilization. We have a variety of ways to adjust the spine, from traditional high velocity chiropractic, to much gentler low force methods, such as Activator, muscle energy and counter-strain. We are not afraid to refer. If you are not responding, we may send you to one of our trusted specialist colleagues.

Four, and possibly most important, we insist that our patients engage in helping themselves. We are going to show you exactly what exercises to do. We are going to show you what NOT TO DO, exercises or activities that are keeping you in pain, whether you know it or not. You, and your actions/movements/exercises, are the most important part of getting over injuries and pain. Are you committed to getting well? If you are, we’ll give you the right tools.

We are always adding new methods that can help you help yourself. Our latest is YAP, Yank Away Pain. This is a method of gently mobilizing your own irritated nerves, using silicon suction cups. Our patients’ love this; a simple home method to help you quiet down irritated nerves. If Laser light therapy works for you, we can send you home with a cold laser to quiet your pain. The “help yourself” methods are ideally done daily, not just when you see the chiropractor.

Ready to get out of pain and move forward in life? Call us.

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