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What a crazy spring this has been. With many people staying home and the abnormally nice weather we had in March and April, we sold out of some of our spring plant starts faster than ever. I hope everyone was able to get what they needed. We’re already planning for next year, so if there were any of your favorites you wish we grew more of, please let us know. It’s always a guessing game as to what to order for the following year, so your input is greatly appreciated. Just send us an email to to tell us what you’d like.

We’re always growing a fresh batch of something here at the greenhouses. More and more of our larger one gallon pots are becoming available daily as well as a second go round of mixed calibrachoa baskets. This month we’ll be planting a batch of perennials, calibrachoa, verbena, and chrysanthemums for summer and fall. Many items should be ready later this month and into July.

If the remaining summer months continue to be as warm as the spring has been; watering, mulching, and good soil are very important. It all starts with the roots and making them happy since the bulk of a plant’s success is in the roots. Most plants want plenty of soil with good drainage. Plants in containers don’t want to be cramped. Transplant them into even bigger pots with fresh soil for a happier plant. Mulching in your beds and gardens will tremendously help hold in moisture to reduce watering and plant stress. For watering, remember to not water a little bit every day. All you’re doing is watering the top root layer and not encouraging the plant to develop a deep, healthy root system. Water less frequently and more deeply. This goes for all plants in containers and in the ground, including your vegetable garden. Remember, tomatoes can develop a 10’ tap root. Water it well and less often. Once late summer rolls around you can cut the water entirely for fruit set and better tasting tomatoes.

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Kelly Brainard, President & Owner at Ashland Greenhouses. Ashland Greenhouses is located at 650 E Ashland Lane just off of Butler Creek Road in Ashland. We are open daily. Please visit our website or give us a call to learn more: 541-482-2866

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