Well, just to update my last blog, his gf told me that they had been together in a relationship for 2 years, and although they had had a few agruements lately, they were still going out together, had not even brought up breaking up in any of their fights, and she had been under the impression (sorry if my spelling is off) that they were trying to work things out. Which is why I had stated in my last blog, how the hell did he not know they were still dating. Today I had a message from him saying that he did really like me and that he hopes we can still be friends. Yeeeeeaaaaaaa, Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Do I look that desperate?!? Nooooo.

Look, I can respect Playas. If thats your thing, hey, go for it, I got no prob with that, as long as your bein straight up about it. I mean, if you ain’t looking for a girlfriend/wifey, whatever, and your telling any woman you hook up with that from the start, I’m not even about to get on your back about what you do. If some chick ends up falling in love and then getting hurt and pissed off cause your off with some other chick that night, AFTER YOU HAVE ALREADY TOLD HER YOU DON’T WANT A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH HER OR ANYONE, Well, I’m sorry, SHE is the one who was stupid. Sorry, but thats how I feel.

Now if, like my little friend, you lie to the chick, saying your want to be with her, that your single and wanting a relationship, and then your out telling 20 other girls the same thing, then yeah, I’m gonna get on your case. If your being honest, its the girls own fault for falling for you thinking you’ll change for her. It ain’t gonna happen, simple as that. If a dude wants a serious relationship, he’ll do it when he’s ready…. And guess what? 9 times outta 10, it ain’t gonna be with one of the girls he was being a playa with.  

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I'm 28, upfront and blunt, sassy, kind, openminded, laidback and tend to take things as they come. But I also know when to stand up for myself.

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