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This month I had the opportunity to speak with Tasa and Dana owners of Glow, a Natural Organic Skincare Boutique located in Ashland, Oregon. Originally when I spoke with them on the phone we had decided to just speak for a few minutes but ended up in a 40 minute long conversation about the vast array skin and health care. Not only was our conversation interesting, but Tasa and Dana Really love what they are doing and they went out of their way to help me to understand more. Now it’s your turn to learn more about the expertise and passions of Glow.

Dana & Tasa, thanks for being here with us today to do this interview. So, tell us all about Glow?

Glow is an esthetically beautiful environment in which we take care of our clients through our many services including facials, waxing, brow/lash tinting, organic spray tanning, organic makeup and natural skincare products.

Glow is a by appointment only business. How does this allow for you to provide a higher level of services for your customers?

Because we are by appointment we can create an intimate environment and one on one relationship with our clientele. Our intention is to provide wonderful luxurious services at an affordable price that gives our clients the opportunity to experience the benefits of taking of oneself.

How did you first get interested in this line of work?

Combining our backgrounds of health and the arts and our passion for effective and natural skincare has brought us together. In the past we have both encountered skincare issues caused by common chemical products. The skin is the largest organ in the body and what we apply to ourselves does affect us in many ways.

Tell potential risks and us about the average American woman profile?

The average American woman applies a cocktail of up to 200 chemicals before she leaves the house. Through shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, makeup, perfume, laundry soap and the list goes on. Risks include numerous problems such as cancer, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, depression and reproductive issues. On our web page we have a list of chemicals we prefer our clients avoid.

Talk to us about  Sodium lauryl Sulfate (SLS)  which can even be found in  supposed “natural” toothpaste such as Tom’s of Maine and other big brands?

Though SLS is derived from coconut it was invented as a car engine degreasant and does the exact same thing to our skin disrupting the balance and pH allowing a whole host of problems to arise. After my own experience of spending a lot of money to figure out a reoccurring rash around my mouth and 3 trips to different doctors without answers 10 years later I realized the cause was the simple use of my toothpaste.

On the phone you had mentioned that often times people might go for years with some sort of physical discomfort, skin irritation or rash. Is this normal… how are you helping people to live better lives?

Our face is what we present to the world. When you are dealing with an issue it can affect every part of your life. We are here to educate and guide one with the tools to help diminish acne, age spots, aging, rashes, and encourage positive self-image.

Tell me about your Heavenly Facial?

Yes!! This is our most given service. Our signature facials begin with deep cleansing, exfoliation and complete balancing for all skin types utilizing the finest, active botanical ingredients. No detailed is spared as you experience aromatherapy, hot rocks, and amazing products while your tensions are melted away by a heavenly leg and arm treatment. You will leave feeling indulged with a radiant and beautiful glow. All of this for only $65

With the summer rays soon upon us talk to us about sunscreen?

There are two types of sunscreen, chemical and natural.  When looking for a natural sunscreen look at the active ingredients, which should only be titanium dioxide or zinc oxide or both. Unlike chemical sunscreen where it’s not effective for 30 mins after application, natural sunscreen works instantly to reflect both UVA & UVB rays. Studies have found build up of chemical sunscreens in the liver. This is particularly alarming for our children whose livers are not completely developed. We must become our own detectives in researching the quality of products we put on our skin. We carry a variety of natural sunscreens that are not greasy, thick, or leave you white.

Sunless Tanning? … Ok, tell us all about it.

There is no denying that a tan gives a person a radiant glow and can boost their confidence. However by now we have realized the harmful rays that give us a tan are extremely harmful, dangerous and are the fast track to aging. Our organic spray tan has no preservatives, chemicals, dyes or perfumes. In under 10 mins get an incredibly natural looking tan that lasts up to a week and half without sacrificing your skin for beauty. It’s a terrific pick me up and perfect for any event.

Talk to us about the aging process, wrinkles and what we can do to look our best as we age?

The process of aging is inevitable though we can influence how we age through proper diet, lifestyle, and the products we use. The key to remaining beautiful through every age is taking the time to care for oneself. These days we are fortunate to have at our finger tips not only natural but cutting edge skincare that can change your appearance. At Glow we use a scientific plant based skincare line called CosMedix. It is considered a corrective line. We have seen this first hand over and over again. Three of our products use retinol, the pure form of Vitamin A. Retinol has not only been proven to knock down cancer cells, but is the most potent and effective ingredient both for acne and treating fine lines and wrinkles. Often we get calls from clients who are absolutely amazed with the results. This is extremely gratifying for both our clients and ourselves.

The word peel can be scary tell us how your peels are different?

A peel can be a fabulous tool to change many skin conditions. Benefits include exfoliation of the skin to promote new cell growth, healing acne, stimulating change, diminishing sun damage and decreasing pore size. CosMedix peels are chirally corrected allowing them to be more gentle without harming the skin. Our peels give you the results without the downtime or uncomfortable sensations. We have seven different peels that are formulated for different skin concerns. Deeper peels are typically performed in the cooler months. Results are phenomenal!

At Glow you are working with men and women of all ages. Can you share with us a few reasons why people come into work with you?

From the 10-year-old boy to the 90 year old our clients come for all reasons. Whether it is for relaxation, acne, rosacea, or education we are here to serve all individual needs. We promote self-confidence and self-love. Many mothers have brought their teens here to help teach the importance of natural skincare and how this directly relates to self worth. We also carry an organic vegan makeup line and offer makeup lessons for age appropriate application. Playing up your assets is part of feeling beautiful and finding your individual strengths.

You mention that the experience for many is healing can you please talk about this?

Anytime you take a person into a state of relaxation where they are being nurtured and loved it is an opportunity for healing. Many people have past perceived views of themselves whether they struggled with low self-esteem, criticism, or scarring acne we can give them the tools to change this perception and their skin. We go the extra mile to make sure their experience is all encompassing.

Favorite Skin Care Tips?

  • Hot towels used regularly can do wonders.
  • Coconut oil is a wonderful nourishing and inexpensive way to hydrate the body.
  • If your hair is short or up always remember to use sunscreen on the backs of the ears (common site for skin cancer)
  • Wash your face every night (you are collecting pollution, pesticides and dirt through out the day)
  • A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear!
  • Come see us for more simple tips that you can use in everyday life.

I know you both have a lot of fans out there in the community and have both been long-term residents of Ashland. Is there anything you would like to share with your adoring fans?

We love what we do and this is reflected in your experience at Glow.


Business Information Glow
Owners: Dana Valladolid & Therezia Painter

Address 250 Oak St. Suite 4 Ashland
Tel 541-488-5555

Hours By Appointment

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