Only 7 Years to My New Spine!

There is an old adage that in a time frame of seven years, you become an essentially new person because every cell in your body has replaced itself. This is something I used to ponder after I was first introduced to chiropractic care, and was freed of low back and headaches. The saying has actually been researched over the years and, as more information has become available, we have learned that some types of brain, heart, and fat cells either require much longer than seven years or even never get replaced.  Many types of cells replace themselves over time but the process slows down as we age.  Either way, I loved the concept that by changing my self-care habits, I could potentially recover and be even better.

This is but one of the many reasons that I love our office.  We continually strive to find out the individual concerns of our patients.  How can we support them to be their best?  Frequently, it manifests as replacing old movement habits with new patterns whether it be how you bend, work, lift, play, sit, exercise, and sleep. I am continually amazed at how quickly some simple changes can reduce or eliminate symptoms and patients can quit injuring themselves and begin building and improving their new selves.  The cells that break down and rebuild bone are replaced in two weeks to three months. Let’s get started!

As a Mom, I look at my own kids, their friends and young patients and worry how our modern habits today will affect their bodies in seven years’ time.  Will they be straight and strong, or curved and chronic?  Many of our kids today are troubled with attention deficits, sensitivity disorders, and coordination and balance deficiencies.  I am continually reminded how our bodies are intricately connected and many of these challenges can be helped significantly by addressing how kids use (or don’t) their bodies.  It’s more than just playing a sport, although that helps.  It’s having good core posture, coordination, and strength to be able to hold up your own body with ease.  How much time do you or your child spend bent over electronic devices?  Will this help or hurt in a few years?  In my experience, chiropractic care can help with these challenges.

Keys to building a stronger, healthier you in 2 days to 7 years: You’ve no doubt heard them before.  Would you prefer to make your new spine out of good ingredients, or let your body improvise with the best it can with junk lifestyle choices? 

~ Eat good food, drink water, rest, play, and manage stress.

Heather Escobar, D.C. has been in practice for 12 years and has been with Southern Oregon Sports and Spine since moving to Oregon with her husband and three young children. She has a Pregnancy and Paediatrics Certification.  She is Webster Technique certified, which is a method of improving neuro-biomechanical function and balance for a smoother birth process.  The doctors and staff at Southern Oregon Sports and Spine specialize in low force chiropractic, massage and rehabilitation.  Each of them has different special interests and training.  You can learn more about the office at

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