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The Health Wealth Connection: Ready to Bump Up Your Game?

Most of us know that when we are not healthy physically, we have less energy and are not as able to work or create the money we truly desire.  This is obvious.  What most people don’t know is that when we are holding trauma and tension in the body, our posture goes into fight of flight, or survival mode.  When the head is a meager ¼ inch forward (which is very minimal, most have about 2-3 inches forward head carriage), there is much less blood supply to the frontal lobe of the brain.  This part of the brain is where the creative centers live, and when less than fully functioning, we live with thoughts and beliefs that prevent us from creating what we desire, including money.  When in survival mode, we wake up terrorized that we won’t be able to retire until we are 95 or do the things we want to do the live a full and rich life.  We are stuck and can’t see a way out.  Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there IS a way out.  At Soulwave Chiropractic Studio, we help the body learn a new language that helps the posture shift from survival mode into ease, where the higher centers of the brain can be accessed.  As these creative centers “light up” we are able to see the ways in which we have been run by these limiting beliefs and fears and have the ability to choose new beliefs around health, wealth and all areas of live.  When our posture shifts, we are also able to connect to what our true passion is.  Most people are doing what they think they should be doing and are not doing what they absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, desire to be doing (most of us have secret desires that we don’t even allow ourselves to see).  It is when we are doing what we love MOST that the money flows.

The two truly go hand in hand.  When we are out of alignment physically, we are out of alignment financially.  And when we are out of alignment financially, we are out of alignment physically.  Being free in both of these areas allows us to be the full expression of ourselves.  When in alignment, we are more giving and more able to be of service.  We are more able to truly enjoy this incredible life, travel, learn new things, and move from a place that really lights us up.  We can be more of who we are meant to be.  Are you ready?  Now is the time to make the change you’ve been waiting for…

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