The Movement Studio Bodywork & PT – Integration Can Improve Outcomes

Because I became a licensed massage therapist not long after I began my career, integrating bodywork into my physical therapy practice comes quite naturally. The benefits of massage go beyond the positive feelings that come with a healing touch. Therapeutic massage is also known to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and improve flexibility. Not to mention the stress relief and autonomic nervous system deregulating that comes from bodywork performed by a skilled massage therapist.

Integrating massage therapy into the customized physical therapy sessions I create for my clients optimizes the effectiveness of the work and promotes faster recovery. Each session addresses structural integrations, corrective exercise, and the nervous system so that we can get to the root of the problem causing your pain. In most cases, physical therapy without bodywork can only get us so far. So many clients come to me reporting little to no relief from years of trying “everything.” If we want to see results, we’ve got to do something different.

I’m inspired by the work of Dr. Ida Rolf, a pioneer and leader in soft tissue manipulation and movement education. Dr. Rolf is credited with recognizing that the body is a network of tissues surrounding muscles, bones, nerves, and organs, which is what we now refer to as Structural Integration. Her work is what inspires me to treat the whole body as a complex system, rather than the separate parts. I find that in order to achieve lasting healing and resolve pain, we must balance the body as a whole.

Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain as the result of an injury or simply suffer from neck, back or arm tension from spending time sitting at the computer, I can help. On my website, you’ll find videos that teach quick and easy exercises you can do to relieve pain. You’ll also find articles that explain in more detail why the integrated physical therapy I do works. You don’t have to live with chronic pain. Visit our website to learn how we can work together to address what’s really causing the problem.