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Warmer Weather is Finally Here

Hello Gardeners,

Our unusual trend in weather we had throughout spring seems to be the topic of conversation with customers these days. Last week we planted our first batch of poinsettias. Typically, we’re doing everything we can to keep cool while preparing for them to come, cleaning and rolling out their drip tubes. This was the first year that we’ve had to do this while wearing a sweatshirt.

Although the cooler weather may not have helped to push your vegetable gardens along it should be helping to keep your hanging baskets and containers looking nice and in color. This time of year, I usually recommend cutting back some plants in containers that are bloomed out or suffer from heat stall such as bacopa, lobelia, wave petunias, and diascia. If you have plants that quit blooming often it isn’t something you have done but rather the plants reaction to the change in season. Plants that commonly heat stall simply quit blooming due to the increased temperatures and if cut back will rebloom again when the temperatures are cooler. I give almost any plant in a container that isn’t blooming very well a good “haircut,” often trimming them back to half their size. They may not look that attractive for a week or two, but they’ll come back strong and bloom so much better later this summer. Some plants such as verbena and geraniums don’t need quite as severe of a haircut, but they will bloom so much better if you remove any spent blooms. You will also want to continue with a regular feeding program and make sure you are giving them fertilizer once a week. I recommend an all-purpose liquid fertilizer.

I hope you enjoy our warm summer weather and get to spend plenty of time in the garden.


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