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We are excited for fall

Fall planting is in full swing. The nights are getting cooler and it’s time to start planting fall veggies, pansies, and perennials. We have a fresh assortment of each and now is the time to get them planted so they have time to develop a strong root system to survive the winter.

Snapdragons are one plant we often get questions on why anyone would want to plant them in the fall. They may not bloom very much this fall, but I think snapdragons planted in the fall are some of the most beautiful flowers in your garden the following spring. There’s something about them getting a good root-hold during the fall which enables them to really thrive in the spring. It’s the same with perennials. If they’ve got all of September and October to get established, they really take off in the spring.

Fall mums are always a favorite for either planting in your landscape beds or in pots on your patio to add some beautiful fall color. Mums really only perform well for two years. After that it’s best to replant them to get the best color. I personally like to plant them in pots on the patio for their first season, then plant them into the flower bed after they’re done blooming. The second fall is their best. They reach their maximum size and really put on a full flush of color. We grow 24 different varieties and shades of color of mums.

Happy Gardening!

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