Ashland’s LOCAL Aflac agent – June Update

It’s been another excellent month, meeting my fellow Ashlanders, and connecting with so many of you, as Ashland’s LOCAL Aflac agent.

This month, I rediscovered the Tuesday Market! There is nothing like meeting face to face with the good people who grow and raise our food and flowers. And the artists are inspiring!

Lots of good stuff to eat while you’re there. Lovely local musicians round it all out. Our market is a one of a kind place. Do take in the lovely Spring weather while it lasts!

Did you know that health care exchanges will begin enrolling this October?

  • 60% of employees are confused about health care reform
  • 54% worry they will make the wrong choice, and end up exposed to risk
  • 50% have less than $500 set aside for a medical emergency

If this describes you, read on for more information…

Important Facts About Health Exchanges- Part 2

  • Public exchanges will be open for small businesses with <100 employees, and individuals without access to affordable health care
    • Affordable means Employer-provided coverage in which the employee’s required contribution does not exceed 9.5% of their annual income.
  • Private exchanges are not subject to the same federal guidelines as public exchanges
    • More flexible. Greater selection of insurance products and services
    • More coverage options to many workforce segments and sizes
  • Most employers (88%) say they will continue to offer health benefits in 2014

 “Music of Shakespeare’s Time” Coming to the OSF Green Show…

June 29th, 6:45, at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Ever heard a krummhorn, gittern, or pipe and tabor? Enjoy a blast from the past, as master musician Sue Carney plays an assortment of seldom- heard instruments and answers your questions about music through the ages.

“Music of Shakespeare’s Time” is sponsored, in part, by Aflac, and Bellwood Violin.

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See you around town! –Sue Carney

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