Beyond The 10 Series of Rolf Structural Integration

For many people the Rolf Structural Integration 10 Series is just the beginning of their Rolf work journey.  In fact it does not matter if an individual was “Rolfed” 20 years ago or two months ago.  Subsequent sessions are beneficial for enhancing and building upon the accomplishment of previous sessions.  Rolf work beyond the 10 Series can be personalized to the needs of anyone.  Some prefer to return for a tune up series of 3-5 sessions while others enjoy regular monthly or bi-monthly sessions.  Many of my clients schedule sessions as they feel more work is necessary; whether seeking help for an injury, feeling “off kilter”, or stress reduction.

The reasons and intentions for continuing Rolf work is limitless.  Here are some testimonials I have received regarding my clients experience with Rolf Structural Integration beyond The 10 Series.

“I am happy to return to Rolfing since my initial 10 Series 15 years ago.  I have found Matthew’s work beneficial for reestablishing my sense of being upright and more symmetrical in my body.” – C.L.

“After dealing with agonizing neck pain and stiffness, I remembered how helpful the 10 sessions was for me. Chiropractic work was minimally helpful so Matthew suggested three focused sessions to work on the structural alignment of my shoulders and neck.  Structural Integration has freed up my neck so I am no longer experiencing the pain.  My wife even noticed I don’t slouch as much!” – G.C.

“I had a profound experience with my initial Rolf series with Matthew and have greatly benefitted from returning on a monthly basis as a way to maintain the benefit.  Not to mention I enjoy the feel of this type of soft tissue work” – L.L.

“I have had a moderate case of scoliosis since my teens.  Rolf Structural Integration actually decreased the degree of lateral curvature to my spine.  I appreciate Matthew’s knowledge and specialized training for scoliosis.  I find as I age this type of bodywork minimizes the degenerative aspects of this condition and is effective for pain management.” – C.F.

“Before I knew about Matthew Hartman and Structural Integration I received massage on a regular basis with temporary results.  As a triathlete I now utilize Matthew in place of massage to alleviate the wear and tear on my body, help with training recovery and enhance my performance.” – P.K.

“I have suffered from migraines my entire life and had become dependent upon medication for relief.  I was referred to Matthew by a friend who benefitted from Rolf S.I.  My posture greatly improved with the 10 session format and so did my migraines.  I am now off of medication and continue to see Matthew as an alternative.” – M.V.

Thank you for reading.  I am always happy to converse with you regarding any questions you may have regarding Rolf Structural Integration and how it may benefit you.

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