Praise for the Rolf Structural Integration 10 Series

The 10 Series of Rolf Structural Integration affects people in unique and profound ways. My own story is compelling. I was shyly and naively seeking relief from pain and as a result I was transformed physically, emotionally and spiritually into the confident and knowledgeable person I am today. My personal transformation continues on a daily basis. I have the great honor of witnessing these renewals through my client’s results and testimonies.

Improved Balance: “Matthew, I am amazed at how I am now able to balance on my left leg with the same quality of strength and intensity as my right. Before the 10 sessions this was a shaky possibility at best. My overall sense of balance and coordination continues to improve and my yoga teacher notices the changes as well.”-T.G.

Pain Free: “I was having minimal and temporary success with Massage Therapy and Chiropractic for my neck pain. Matthew Hartman helped me understand that the pain was stemming from a misalignment in my lower back and pelvis which was throwing my head forward of my body. The 10 Session protocol has been amazing for realigning my entire body and relieving my neck pain.”-K.K.

More Mobility: “Before the 10 sessions I experienced a noticeable difference in the range of motion of my shoulders. Matthew was extremely helpful in personalizing the course of treatments based on my condition. After two months of completing these sessions, the mobility in my “stuck” shoulder continues to improve each week. I am amazed!”-L.G.

Happier: “…a string of personal and health related setbacks left me feeling out of sorts and unusually disengaged. I was looking for something to assist me in working out of this gloom place. The Rolfing (10) series provided me the momentum to reclaim my passion towards life. I am much happier and healthier as a result!”-C.Z.

Stronger: “Weakness in my core muscles had created a 20 year history of lower back instability and pain. When I tried to strengthen my core muscles through physical therapy exercises, the pain only worsened and my back went out. When I met with Matthew he suggested the Rolf 10 series as a way to better balance the way I used my core and back muscles. During my sessions we discovered layers of adhesions in my abdominal muscles and underlying fascia which prevented my musculature from working in the proper order. The exercises are now effective and my back and core are much stronger as a result.”-A.B.

For the month of July I am happy to announce that I will be offering a 10% discount on the Rolf Structural Integration 10 Series when paid in full. I always welcome your inquires or questions regarding Rolf work and how it may apply to your needs.

Matthew Hartman, Practitioner of Rolf Structural integration 541-214-8980


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