A Better Life

“Sue” recently reported to me that “…sitting up straight while working at the computer used to take so much effort and energy to sustain. Now I feel this posture is more natural for me.” As a graphic designer “Sue” spends a significant amount of time sitting or standing at the computer most every day. I began working with her six months ago after she came to me on a referral from a friend of hers who also gained benefit from Rolf work for her neck and shoulders. “Sue’s” awareness of how she should sit was correct, however restrictions in the muscles and connective tissue of her neck, chest and abdomen did not allow her body parts to move in the way she felt they should. Her posture dilemma was coupled with pain in her upper back, which gradually subsided as her innate posture improved. I appreciate the way “Sue” speaks of how her enhanced posture has improved upon the quality her work and productivity, “I am able to spend less time at the computer with better results.”

One day as “A.J.” got off my table to stand and move about, he was beaming as he said, “This is how movement should feel; effortless!” He is a classically trained actor who knows the intricacies of his body very well. Previous to his Rolf Structural Integration experience his voice octaves were challenged while he moved and expressed his character during performances. He is very strong with an impressive physique, but a stage accident several years prior left residual scar tissue around his ribs. After three sessions we discovered that as the broken rib healed it was affecting the central tendon of his diaphragm, which in turn was pulling on his lower spine and pelvis. The Ida Rolf 10 series has proven very effective for “A.J.” to regain the prowess of his voice, “The ease in my solar plexus allows my entire body to move around itself more efficiently so I am able to clearly direct my life force through my voice.”

As an experienced practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration, “Sue” and “A.J.’s” stories bring me immense gratification. They represent the heart of my intentions as a body worker, to help others in the way this work has graced my life. It is my belief that as my clients make these physical, energetic and emotional shifts as a result of Rolf work, they may be of service to grow their unique talents and passions.

Matthew Hartman, LMT, Practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration



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