Counseling or Constellation Work? Both. Here’s Why.

Hello Dear Community,

I have recently returned from a trip to the Southern tip of Africa where I took a training called Returning Home to Our Ancestors which was a workshop on “repair” through the lens of Systemic Constellation Work. The focus was facing and creating a space for healing from the effects of apartheid and the stealing of land, tradition, and dignity from the African people. Heavy stuff for sure but also very relevant to the work I do here in our community.

In my work as a mentor and counselor, whether working with an individual as they untangle their past, a couple trying to co-parent after divorce, or a teenager trying to navigate anxiety or depression, there is consistently a need for repair—with ourselves, with each other, with the  environments we live and work in; healing the breaks in bond, attachment and trust consistently emerges as an important theme. This is tender work, important work and not skills we are typically taught in home or school. Repair leads us towards connection and peace. In a war-torn time of both inner and outer territories, this could not be more relevant.

Beyond the work I do with individuals and couples in my office, there are also the monthly Constellation Work gatherings I host here at PrayerFarm. These day-long events help us remember that we are intrinsically linked to each other and our environment. Being in a well held group setting changes our perception of ourselves and creates more connection to all of the people and places we belong with…our families, our workplaces, our history, the land we walk on. When we feel connected, we connect.

Repairing our collective lack of peace; sense of fragmentation, of disconnection, of angst, is necessary work in these times and by doing this work, our personal work becomes less heavy—because we realize we are not alone in our challenges and that connecting deeply with others is fundamental, is safe, is necessary.

When more of us are available to build relationships and trust, then healthy environments emerge—there’s so much coming our way every day–this lack of health in our physical environments is taking a heavy toll on us. Coming together in a deeply connected, brave, well held space with other humans who are called to their own work and the work of the world, creates health by creating connection and opportunities to re-weave the cloth of connection, community, and care. Whether you seek a space to gather and experience Community Constellation Work or a more private place to loosen the tight places within, there is a place for you here.

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