Greetings Dear Community

I’m writing from PrayerFarm, my home above Emigrant Lake where a riot of birdsong and bloom surrounds us – the apples and plums are ripening, the cherries just finished (and were mostly a feast for the birds), it’s still relatively cool – such a glorious summer so far. While I can talk about the beauty that surrounds us all day, I’m here to re-introduce myself as a local helper and advocate for personal, community and ecological well being—I have recently changed my name, from Delgado to Alma but it’s still me, Lexi. Hello.

I have lived in this valley for 26 years and am a mother, a wife/partner, and a land steward. I have served on boards and committees with you, walked and biked the same streets and trails as you, and care deeply about  this valley and our families like you. Over the years I have served as a schoolteacher, a mental health therapist and a facilitator of Family Constellation Work. From this place in our community, in a challenging time for so many, I want to encourage each of us into active participation in the fullness of connections, dreams of community, and vision for the world we long for. With this in mind, I offer individual sessions, weekly and monthly groups and have a 9 month program starting in November.

As a helper, I am here to offer tools for taking care of our emotional and spiritual health and healing our nervous systems. I stand with you in knowing we all have the resiliency to be with life as it truly is: sometimes scary, hard, confusing, AND utterly wonderful and awe-inspiring. We can’t ignore the hard things and be well, but we must also attend to the awe, beauty, and wonder. It’s about balance. Human beings are hyper-relational creatures–we are hardwired to be connected to each other and our places, we must feel we belong. Creating health inside ourselves and coming together in safe and inspiring ways is what builds possibility and that necessary sense of belonging. My offerings are centered around this; possibility and belonging. We all long to be part of a story bigger than our own, to feel more connected and to be seen and known. It is time.

Thanks for reading this and I welcome you to peruse my website for more information on my offerings and to sign up for my monthly newsletter where I offer writings and practices each month.

In care,

Lexi Alma

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