Developing a Passion for Health and Fitness

Many of us have a frustrating time getting into the habit of eating well, exercising, and just overall taking care of ourselves.

We seem to put our health and fitness after everything else and if we can get to it we will give it some thought. Usually by this time we would rather spend the time and energy doing something else like watching T. V.

Life has a way of filling up your days, leaving you with no time for yourself, or at least that is the way it seems.

So how is it that some people can get up every morning and workout, go for a run, eat well, make sure to get lots of sleep while the rest of us can’t find the energy to brush our teeth?

It’s called passion and dedication.

This is part of a health and fitness lifestyle. We develop the dedication through the repetition of getting up and doing our workouts. We take the time and make the time to get to the store and buy wholesome foods. We have integrated these practices into our life until they are just a part of who we are.

Anyone can do this. Yes we have to dissolve the old patterns of self-sabotage and self-pity. Sorry, that may seem a bit cutting but please realize that within every excuse is a bit of “whoa is me.”

Once you begin on the path to health and fitness, your spirit, mind, and body will begin to change. You will begin to take on this new consciousness of being. You are in fact becoming a new person, and your spirit, mind, and body begin to express this.

You must give yourself time to change. Most people never truly allow themselves this gift of transition. It doesn’t take long, however there is a process.

Research shows that it takes approximately 30-40 days to establish a new habit, or stop an old one. In reality to stop an old habit you must establish a new one to replace it.

Within this time period the brain is actually rewiring its neural pathways to accommodate the new habit. Once the new habit is fully established in the brain, it is just like putting a plane on autopilot. Your spirit, mind, and body will want to continue on the path. Even better when you start to veer off the path your spirit, mind, and body will send you signals and intuitive thoughts to get back on track.

There are a few other triggers that help with consistency in health and fitness.

When we workout there is a release of endorphins, which make us feel really good. So when we associate any action or experience with good feeling we want more. That is what comfort food is all about isn’t it? Except that comfort food isn’t usually considered healthy food.

The other association to passion and dedication in your health and fitness is seeing and feeling the results you will achieve.

When we start feeling healthier and our bodies change getting stronger and leaner we feel better about ourselves. This in turn also helps to recondition the brain and our consciousness to know ourselves as this new healthy fit person.

There is something else that happens along the way to health and wellness. People begin to notice the change in us. They see the energy, the positive outlook on life, the dedication, and the changes in our bodies. They begin to compliment us on our progress and they begin to ask us for advice. People always want to be around inspirational role models. That is what you are becoming, a role model of health and wellness.

Helping other people to realize their own abilities to change can become the biggest part of health and wellness. Once you have achieved it for yourself you will want to help others do the same.

I would love to help you create happiness, health, and wellness in your life.

I wish for you a vibrant life!
David E. Fresilli
Holistic Health & Fitness


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