A person may have huge amounts of potential, talent, and skill, and yet still lack what is ultimately needed to create his or her vision of overall health and fitness. Above all things, persistence and determination are needed to achieve your dream body and optimum health.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will encounter resistance in one form or another in your journey toward optimum health. When this occurs you have two choices. You either decide to push through, or you will allow the resistance to get the better of you.  Acquiring persistence is something you must build within yourself. The first step is to know exactly what you are aiming for. Proclaiming, “I’m going to get healthy,” or “I want to lose weight,” won’t be enough to create the deep desire you need to achieve these goals.

Let’s look at an example of a client who just fully realized her dream of health and fitness.

We will call her Trisha. Trisha came to me a year ago with severe pain in her leg. She was also challenged by low back pain, fatigue, and a lack of self-confidence. In spite of the fact that Trisha had once been a very active woman, spending time every day performing some sort of exercise, she had somehow managed to put on over thirty pounds of excess body fat. For Trisha, it seemed as if her life had slipped away from her. She couldn’t see her way out of pain, or of ever losing the extra weight.

When I met Trisha, her primary goal was simply to be out of pain. This was all she felt she could possibly hope for. Losing the weight, or getting back to her previous fitness level seemed to be too much to ask.

The first thing we did was to get Trisha to dream big and decide what she truly wanted, even though she was afraid to ask for it. You see, she felt that dreaming big would only lead to disappointment.  I asked her to trust me, and to believe that she was capable of achieving anything she put her mind to. With this idea in place, her whole attitude changed. She radiated confidence, even though no real plan had yet been put into action.

As we progressed in her program, her pain diminished and then ultimately disappeared. This allowed her a new perspective and hope that she could do more. We began to focus on strength and weight loss and she saw her body changing. She felt the increase in energy, and people started to comment on her improved appearance.  I advised Trisha to simply persist in her new lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating in order to achieve her goal weight.

Trisha is now a completely different person then the woman who walked into my studio a year ago. She has achieved something she never thought possible.  Even though Trisha encountered many challenges, she dealt with her frustration and doubt, persevered, and met every one of her dream goals.

This is possible for you too! Persist, and see how an entirely different life of health awaits you!

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