Does Medical Marijuana really work?

When I was a young mother, I worked in the hemp industry, creating backpacks and other bags from European hemp fabrics. A huge part of our business was in educating people to the many uses for cannabis…rope, fabric, paper, oil, plastics, food, medicine. I spent a lot of time telling people how you can do almost anything with this amazing plant. Even so, when the medical marijuana initiative was first passed in Oregon, I had no idea of the extent to which cannabis is a useful medicine. I figured, yeah, it obviously helps with nausea and difficulty sleeping; I assumed that was why it was helping cancer patients and other people with serious debilitating diseases to cope. Now that I have been working with Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine offering massage to their patients, I have heard some amazing testimonials that have completely changed my perspective on the efficacy and versatility of this amazing herb that grows like a ‘weed’.

One woman in her fifties told us how she had suffered from lupus from childhood. She was not able to walk until she started smoking pot at sixteen. Her mom was amazed at the complete transformation; suddenly she was able to get up and do things. Now, she is active and healthy, a dog breeder and lover of life.

Another client of mine is a thiirty-five year old man. He was born with spina bifida. He had a spinal surgery that allowed him to become fully mobile. Then he was crushed on a job between two loads of plywood and had to have back surgery again. The pain was debilitating, but the medications he was given were even more so. Narcotics made him just want to lay around, and he also developed a tolerance quickly, requiring him to up his dosage regularly for less and less results. He had never tried smoking as a kid, and in fact was against it, but he finally decided to try medical marijuana to mitigate his pain. Now he has lost over 200 pounds and is active and healthy. He vaporizes his herb and states that it makes him want to get out and do things, and, unlike the narcotics, if he reaches a ceiling and one strain is no longer effective, he just switches to another and is good to go.

These stories and more have solidified my belief in this safe, effective medicinal herb. It is the closest thing to a “cure all” that I have ever seen. While it doesn’t work for everyone, it has been reported and proven to help with cancer (remission, not just mitigation), insulin regulation in type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, pain and spasm, and more. So if you are suffering or know someone who is, give us a call and give it a try!

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