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Visit Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine at Inner Synergy and find Good Medicine for the Mind, Body and Spirit.  Tap into ancient medicinal practices that have served humanity for eons and are now being scientifically proven to improve health in all areas.  Discover what you need to experience wellbeing, comfort, and ease. Commit to participating in your own healing, and create your optimal wellness.  Whoever you are, we are here to assist you on your personal natural healing journey.

Call S.O.A.M. for clinic dates and learn the easy process to acquire your Medical Marijuana License.  Discover how this incredibly diverse plant is reshaping countless lives, and how it could help you with your health concerns.  We can also help you with a healing therapeutic massage or chiropractic treatment.  More than just a relaxing fix to muscle soreness, massage therapy can be an important adjunct therapy to aid in your healing process.  Chiropractic care offers joint mobilization as well as muscular release directly to painful areas.  Our professional staff offers healing directly where you need it most and good advice for self care routines to encourage the healing to continue after you go home.  Our massage therapists and chiropractor also work directly with our doctor to update your records in the process of obtaining your OMMP license.

While you’re here, browse our gift selection or stop in anytime.  Monday and Tuesday we are open 10am – 3pm and Wednesday through Friday we’re here 10am – 5pm.  We feature local artisans, including hemp gear, natural body products, aromatherapy, and art.  We also carry educational materials, yoga gear, and inspirational artwork to support your journey to wellness.  Check the schedule at our office or at  for Yoga and Qigong classes (FIRST CLASS FREE!) Tune in and Harmonize with your Inner Self.  Nurture your Body, Mind, and Spirit with gentle stretching, strengthening, relaxation, meditation, and breath awareness.  Whatever your size, shape, gender, or age, you can participate in these therapeutic exercises.  Discuss it with your health care provider, share your health concerns with your instructor, start where you are, and continue to a well-being you never thought possible.  Heal yourself from the inside out.  See the world in a whole new way!  Be well.  Be in the moment!  Be alive!!

Invest in Your Health!  What Could be Worth More?
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