Medical Marijuana Dispensaries coming to Oregon!

Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine is proud to have been at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement and a part of the process of developing standards for safe access to medicine for all Oregonians for over 13 years.  The owners were instrumental, along with other medical marijuana proponents across the state, in working with legislators to draft and pass the bill signed into law on August 14 by Governor Kitzhaber, which will create state regulated medical marijuana dispensaries.  Rules and regulations governing the licensing of dispensaries will be crafted over the next nine months.

Over the years, when patients have come to our clinics to see the doctor and receive assistance with OMMP registration, they often asked where they could obtain their medicine.  Up until now, all we could offer is to refer them to any growers who might happen to call our office looking to serve patients.  Although there have been many unlicensed dispensaries operating in Oregon, we could not refer our patients to an industry that was completely outside of all state and federal laws.  We also could not guarantee the safety or quality of the medicines offered with no industry standards in place.  We are very excited to have the opportunity to serve our patients more fully with a licensed dispensary and testing lab slated to open in Medford by March.  Ashland and Grants Pass locations are in the works as well.

Know that you can trust Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine to keep a finger on the pulse of the medical marijuana industry.  We intend to  bring to you and your loved ones only the highest quality, safest, and most effective cannabis medicinals available.  We will continue to develop and refine the standards of this important alternative therapy which is currently helping  tens of thousands of Oregonians to cope with a myriad of life threatening and debilitating conditions.

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