Embrace Fall!

As September flies by right into the welcoming arms of autumn, I sit here amazed that another summer has already come and gone.  As a shop owner here in Ashland for the past 32 years, I love the hustle and bustle of our busy town during the summer months.  I am blessed to visit with many returning customers from out of town who come in to Flower Tyme and Manzanita to see what’s new and say hi, and who are always so happy to see that we are still in business!  And it is so fun to see our Ashland residents braving the crowds to show off their town to visiting relatives and friends and who realize again how special our town is by seeing it through visitors’ eyes.

But I do enjoy the change of season into fall.  The town is coming alive with color, and the hope of cool, rainy days will soon become reality.  The streets and shops are a bit quieter which makes it easier for our local customers to visit downtown, and I can bring new merchandise in to help you celebrate the seasons.

One of my favorite fall items new for Flower Tyme this season is a wreath made with faux bittersweet.  It is packed with stems of the orange and bronze berry and makes a beautiful statement on your front door to welcome autumn.  Real bittersweet is a shrub found mostly in the Midwest and at times during the fall, I have some fresh twigs available brought in by my greens supplier. And although the fresh berries are rather expensive, I have some customers who love them and find it nostalgic and just have to have it.  But this faux bittersweet is amazingly realistic and rather than it lasting just a few days, these berries will last forever!  Available both in a wreath or by the stem, and paired with stems of faux maple or birch leaves in rich fall colors, you have a seasonal, home-accent that you can enjoy for years.

We have been busy ordering merchandise for both Flower Tyme on the Plaza and Manzanita on Main readying the shops for the busy holiday season, and we invite you to come see what is new for the fall season, make your holiday gift list, and embrace the fall season with enthusiasm!

Flower Tyme on the Plaza   541-488-1588  55 N. Main

Manzanita on Main  541-488-9886   90 N. Main

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