End of Summer To Do List

The calendar says summer ends September 21st so there’s still plenty of time to get outdoors and enjoy all of the diverse activities our region has to offer.


The staff at the Northwest Nature Shop has put together a list of some of our favorite summer activities to help you get out and enjoy the rest of summer!


  1. Climb a Mountain.  Any mountain! Mt Ashland, Siskiyou Peak, and Wagner Butte are all nearby peaks that offer spectacular views from their summits. Pack a lunch and enjoy the views. For the more adventurous try Pilot Rock, Black Mountain, Boulder Peak, or Mt Shasta!
  2. Identify Some Wildflowers.  Grab your favorite wildflower identification book (we like Wildflowers of Southern Oregon) and head for the high country for the last of the season’s blossoms. See how many you can identify and challenge yourself to memorize a half-dozen. Next year impress your friends with your wildflower knowledge!
  3. Take a course.  Check in with the Siskiyou Field Institute, Ashland Parks and Recreation or North Mountain park Nature Center and learn about the remarkable diversity of our local flora, fauna, geology, or whatever strikes your interest!
  4. Read a book.  Do you know that our region has a tradition of great outdoor and natural history writing? Kickback in your favorite outdoor chair and try the Klamath Knot, Light on the Devils, Dear Mad’m, Nature Notes, or Animal Wise. All are in stock at the Northwest Nature Shop and about the area or by local authors.
  5. Fly a Kite. Unfurl a kite in any open space and let your imagination soar! Try Garfield Park or for a high wind thrill go to the dam at Emigrant Lake. Once you’ve mastered single line kites, for an extra challenge, try your skills at a two line stunt kite.  (Mention this article and we’ll give you 10% off any kite!)
  6. Go on a Bird Walk. The Klamath Bird Observatory and North Mountain Nature Center offer regularly scheduled birding outings in our area. Check in at the store for details and scheduled events.
  7. Write a Check. Pick a local environmental organization and make a donation. It takes effort and funding to help protect out natural treasures and a donation helps these groups in the good fight!


We hope you have a great summer and remember to always check conditions and to be safe when enjoying the outdoors. Stop by the Northwest Nature Shop for details about any of the things on our summer fun list and share your ideas and plans for the rest of the season!

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