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I have always been grateful for experiences that help me see from another person’s point of view. These experiences have given me compassion, understanding and grace toward others. Usually, these experiences are in my personal life, but this past week I got a healthy real estate world reminder.

My husband and I grew up in the country. I absolutely loved being able to raise animals, run in the field and find a shady quiet spot under a tree to gather my thoughts and plan for the future. I have always believed my “country” upbringing prepared me to value the important things and enjoy a simpler way of living. Because of this background, we have this dream of raising our children in a similar environment. And this past week I found the place I was ready to call home.

There were a few small problems. My husband had just left town and was unable to view the home with me, the location wasn’t exactly my first choice, there was another offer in on the home and as far as my experience could tell the property was over priced. I spent as much time at the home as possible but the clock was ticking. I had about two hours to decide on possibly the biggest investment in our family’s history. My mind started the “IF ONLY” game. If only my husband was here, if only I had a little more time, if only it was situated a little differently, and on it went.

And that’s how it began. I remembered countless clients in the past years who have gone through a similar experience. It was easy for me to provide those clients with advice and counsel because I had no emotional attachment to their decision. I would see the stress and anguish in their eyes as they too tried to decide what decision was best for their family.

After pouring through statistics on recently sold properties to determine what the market supported, I wrote an offer. We wrote a strong offer, though it was less than the listing price. After all, I didn’t want to pay over market value; just what it was “worth.” After submitting my offer, I watched the clock constantly, wondering when I would have an answer, second guessing my decision on what to offer, etc. When I finally heard that my offer was rejected I was heart broken. Turns out the other offer was for the full asking price. That night I felt like a child who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. I couldn’t sleep and I had the worse pit in my stomach…the pit of regret.

Often times our clients ask us what we think they should offer on a property. It’s a reasonable request and as they Realtors it would make sense that we would be able to pinpoint the perfect number. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because the value of a property reaches far beyond what the closed sales say it should sell for. All my words of advice to other clients seeped into my being….. “A property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” “Be sure to put your best foot forward, that way if you “lose” you won’t have any regret.” “If a home is 80% of what you are looking for…that’s probably the closest you will get.” Arg…if only I had listened. As I began to slow my thought process I heard the best advice of all, “What is meant to be, will be.” Ahhh..peace.

As I reflect back I realize this was such a valuable experience on so many different levels. And if nothing else, it was a gentle reminder of what our clients go through when they purchase a house. I won’t soon forget that pressured feeling to make a decision, to pick the right number, the dreaded knowledge that you are competing blindly with another offer, and the suspense of waiting for the answer.

We really pride ourselves on customer service and remind ourselves often that WE are our business. As DeAnna says on a weekly basis, a trained monkey can open a door, but it is the service, level of care and and good ol’ fashioned kindness that will separate us from the rest. We have a new resolve, clearer understanding, a deeper compassion and a personal experience that allows us to know what our clients are enduring. Is buying a house similar to battling cancer…heck no. But is it a stressful experiences, yes. As we continue to negotiate a contract, deal with repairs, wait to see if we made value on an appraisal, coordinate a closing, etc., we will remember to be more than just a professional. We will pledge to be a friend, a sounding board and a shoulder to lean on. When the dream doesn’t come together we will share in your disappointment but also remain hopeful and pray for your peace and contentment… for, “what is meant to be with be.”

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