Come help us celebrate with our FALL SPECIAL in the CHRYSALIS MASSAGE CLINIC! Enjoy a 90 minute massage from one of our newest therapists for the price of one hour ($60). Call 541-482-5134 to schedule your session anytime in the month of November.

The past year has been a busy one in the Chrysalis Massage Clinic! We have put new paint and art on the walls, added quite a bit of décor, opened an additional treatment room and even entered the technological age with an online scheduling system. Most recently, we have added four newly licensed massage therapists to our team. If you were a client in our student clinics last spring, the faces in this month’s ad will be familiar to you, as they are each 2013 graduates of our professional massage training program at the Ashland Institute of Massage.

It is with pleasure and pride that I introduce our ‘newbies’! From left to right:

Romulus offers massage that focuses on pain as an evidence of imbalance throughout the body and uses deep tissue therapeutic techniques to help restore the balance.
Ai artfully blends therapeutic and Swedish massage to achieve client goals while fostering relaxation.
Mackenzie is committed to a client-centered massage bringing soothing relief to areas of tension in the body and overworked musculature.
Allyne’s massage is composed of deeply relaxing long fluid strokes, with some touches of Reiki energy treatment.

As a frequent massage recipient, I never cease to be amazed at the many varieties of touch and ways of understanding the body that each individual brings to this work. There is a miraculous moment I have often had the privilege to witness: when a hard-working student suddenly “comes into their own.”  An internal alchemy occurs deep in the meeting place of mind and heart and body, where identical pieces of information and training spontaneously coalesce into the unfolding of an utterly unique, wholly original massage therapist.

We chose to name our school’s clinic the Chrysalis Massage Clinic, in celebration of this alchemical transformation that happens for both our therapists and the clients that come to work with them. Come experience that our newest massage therapists have become and what they have to offer. We are confident that you will be delightfully surprised!

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