Popularity of Massage Therapy is Undeniably Growing!!

WOW! Thank You to the greater Rogue Valley Community for embracing the benefits of massage therapy! This has been a spring full of phenomenal growth at the Ashland Institute of Massage and for the field of massage therapy. Students and graduates alike are busy responding to the call for massage in such a variety of settings! Our spring Student Clinic is fully booked, with students giving 520 supervised clinic sessions to an amazingly varied cross-section of the public. Our graduates are forming professional alliances with causes as varied as the Sexual Assault Response Team and Medford Medical Clinic chronic pain patients.

On the events front, this spring has seen teams of student and/or professional therapists give approximately 430 chair massage sessions so far at 9 different events: Pear Blossom Run, Pepsi Co, Southern Oregon University Love Your Body Week and Relaxation Extravaganza, Ashland High School Teacher Appreciation Day, Nurses Appreciation Day at Providence Hospital, Rogue Valley Medical Center Behavioral Health Unit and Heart Center, and Ashland First Friday. We have three more events scheduled this term, and amazingly, the calls continue to roll in! Thank you to EVERYONE who has had the creativity to consider bringing massage to your business, cause, or event. You are proof that massage therapy is a growing profession!

Announcing: Chrysalis Outcall Chair Massage Services!

In response to the growing demand, we are expanding the services of our professional Chrysalis Massage Clinic into Outcall Chair Massage. Massage chairs are highly portable and flexible, enabling a therapist to set up a chair in minutes and do effective 15 – 20 minute sessions with fully-clothed clients. It is the perfect way to treat employees or add a spark to your event, while improving the overall health of those around you. For massage therapists, this can be one of the most exciting avenues of work, as chair massage often enables people to experience hands-on therapy and relaxation for the first time.

Call us today to learn about how we can bring a team of therapists to your location: 541-482-5134.

Happy Spring to all and as always, thank you for your incredible support in bringing the gift of massage to all who need it.

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