Have You Applied for Your New Health Care Benefits? No worries. There’s still time.

Have You Applied for Your New Health Care Benefits? No worries. There’s still time.
by Sue Carney

Cover Oregon Open Enrollment Continues Through March 31
Come check out your new options with Cover Oregon! Most people can’t believe the savings!

Help Me Help You
I am an experienced Navigator, dedicated to saving you time and helping you make informed choices at every step of the process. Since October, I have assisted hundreds of Ashlanders to apply, qualify and enroll with Cover Oregon. From initial consultation through enrollment, you will have an advocate, who will follow up on your case- and keep your application on the right track all the way to the finish line.

A Positive Experience
Since I have no connection to any of the companies involved, you can count on my impartial advice. I have a positive attitude toward the Affordable Care Act, and genuinely enjoy creating a calm and friendly experience for my clients. My office is conveniently located near downtown Ashland.

Fast. Easy. FREE.
You do not need confusion, doubt, or frustration. I help you cut to the chase.

•  Impartial advice and accurate information.
•  FAST and EASY electronic enrollment
•  Follow up and case management
•  Confidential, compassionate, professional and TOTALLY FREE.

Already Insured? Uninsured? You Owe It to Yourself to Check Out the Exchange!
Cover Oregon sets standards that all companies on the exchange must meet. The consumer protections are state of the art, the rates are very competitive- And you may qualify for an advance premium tax credit. Call me now, for your FREE consultation.

Now Offering Dental Protection
Considering some major dental work? Call me for a dental package that puts money in your pocket!

This February, my regular office hours will be from 9am to 6pm, M-Th. 9am-1 on Friday. For appointments or questions, call and leave a message. I answer all calls in the order received. No question too small, no difficulty too large.

See you around town- Sue Carney

Make sure you get the RIGHT coverage! Eliminate the stress and guesswork.
Call Now For Your Appointment: 541.864.9439
You will be glad you did.

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