Headaches are Your Body’s Check-Engine Light

If you think your car’s check-engine light comes on for no reason and that a piece of tape over that light is the best course of action, you can stop reading this article now.

Nearly everybody has experienced a headache at one time or another. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Headaches are just a part of life,” or “everybody has headaches, so it’s just normal”. There is easily an argument to be made that headaches are “common,” HOWEVER, they certainly are not “normal”.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1in 20 people suffer from daily headaches and 1 in 7 suffer from migraines. Migraines often start at puberty for women and have a hormonal connection. Tension headaches are the most common and affect nearly one-third of all men along with half of all women in the world. Some headaches have the appearance of being remedied by a simple OTC while others need a regular regimen of prescriptive medication. I would contend that medication, although helpful at times for immediate relief, is little more than a band-aid over the check-engine light.

There is a clinical correlation to the mis-alignment of the cranio-cervial junction (CCJ) and headaches. A cohort study by Eriksen, Rochester et al. showed some interesting details. Some of the outstanding clinical outcomes of the study include noted improvement in headache pain at 62.8%, in cervical spine pain at 56.8% but also things like dizziness and improvement in cognitive thought (brain fog).

So if you are suffering with headaches that you think may be related to your head and neck, please call for a complimentary consultation or schedule an appointment. You could be like the many patients that found relief in gentle-specific upper cervical chiropractic care. Call us today at (541) 779-8338 Rogue Valley Chiropractic Clinic or find us online at

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