Is it “All-in-your-Head” or IS it “Your Head”?

Have you, or someone you know, been told by a provider that they could not help you and that your problem is psychosomatic “It’s all in your head.” Maybe… but the problem might just be YOUR HEAD.

Anyone that has suffered with chronic head and neck pain or back pain or headaches/migraines or has lived with someone who has, know exactly how disabling these symptoms can be. Then to make matters worse, you seek help from a healthcare professional that tries their standard combinations of remedies to no avail. Instead of help and hope, the practitioner seems irritated with you because you’re not responding to their standard treatment protocol, now it feels like they’re blaming you. It is extremely frustrating and often can lead to real despair and a sense of hopelessness or worse as a statistic of the rampant opioid crisis. So, a couple things: 1) It’s not your fault. 2) The practitioner is not blaming you. They genuinely want to help, that’s why they became healthcare professionals. Clearly, not all symptoms respond the same because those symptoms are attached to unique individuals with a unique history.

Can we help you? I don’t know… however, if you’ve had some sort of accident or injury to your head and neck there may be a good chance we can help. Sub-lethal injuries to the craniocervical junction (CCJ) go undetected in most people. These injuries could have happened long ago on your timeline of life, none the less, may have started a cascade of different symptoms before the really bad ones that were severe enough for you to seek help. Examples of incidents that can lead to a compromise in the CCJ: Auto injury, sports injury, falling out of a tree, fall down the stairs, birth trauma, and others. Now many times, patients have made minimizing comments like, “Yeah, but I didn’t need stiches” or “That was a long time ago” or “Sure, I saw stars but I played the rest of the game.”

Please recognize that your initial injury may have happened decades ago and then right before the current symptoms started, something big happened. Either, another accident, big life event, toxicity or dental procedure could have triggered the current cascade of symptoms.

Give us a call today to see if there is something we can do to improve the quality of your life today.

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