Home is Where the Heart Is…

A happy home is a home where there is laughter, joy and family togetherness.  A happy home is often “where your heart is.”  So, where is your heart?  Perhaps you long to live in Ashland and maybe it is “home” to you.  Perhaps you want to be closer to your family who lives in the beautiful Rogue Valley…something is holding you back from moving.  What is it?

For some, the delay in moving is due to medical and health issues.  Your heart specialist where you live is great and you are afraid to make a move away.  You are afraid you may never find someone who cares as much.  The Rogue Valley is extremely rich with fabulous doctors and specialists and the cardiologists are second to none.  The Rogue Valley has some of the top cardiologists in the country and they really do care.  I can tell you, from a personal family experience, how wonderful and caring they are.  I had a scare with my mother two years ago and they were amazing.  Very talented, knowledgeable surgeons took care of her and she is doing remarkably well.

Too often our fear keeps us from really experiencing life and joy.  We seclude ourselves in a comfortable environment and can’t imagine taking a step outside our comfort zones.  We want to be closer to family and friends but…Don’t wait any longer to make your move to southern Oregon or Ashland or Mountain Meadows 55+ Community.  If you were concerned about leaving your area due to doctors and specialists – we have what you are looking for in the Rogue Valley.

A healthy heart is a happy heart and a happy heart leads us to happy lives and happy homes.  Here at Mountain Meadows we care about the residents and have an excellent fitness center with state of the art fitness equipment, an indoor swimming pool and a variety of stretch and exercise classes.  Keeping fit and exercising is so beneficial to one’s health — you can’t put a price on good health!  We have a fitness trainer on site to assist you with the use of the equipment and to make sure you are obtaining the best work out possible.

Your heart will thank you for moving to southern Oregon and Mountain Meadows 55+ Community.  Make Ashland your home and start the New Year in a new place with new friends.  Home – Mountain Meadows – is where your heart is – Happy!

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