How to Write Movie Reviews

Do you like movies? Don’t know what to write for a review, but you know you really want to share your enthusiasm about it? Here are some quick tips for writing a movie review.

  • Explain the basic plot. Was it a movie about dragons taking over NYC? Or did it dig deep into the human condition?
  • What did you like about the movie: the awesome special effects, incredible acting, the riveting storyline, the haunting soundtrack? This is putting the finger on the pulse of what got you excited about the movie.
  • For an extra touch, stretch and draw cultural comparisons. Explain how the movie seems to coincidentally mirror the such-and-other that is happening in the world today.
  • Throw in some trivia, talking about the past history of either the remakes, movie versions of books, directors, producers and actors filmographies.

Of course, there’s so much more you can accomplish with a movie review, but these are a good start. What’s the last good movie you watched?

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