Just a Walk in the Park…

In Ashland, when you talk about a walk in the park, one thinks of beautiful Lithia Park and the Shakespeare Theatre attraction.  If you visit Ashland and do not take time to stroll through this incredible park, you have not experienced the fullness of the city.

In Mountain Meadows 55+ Community, the residents refer to a different park when “walking in the park” is the subject of conversation.  The residents of this incredible and unique community have their own park named after the founder of the community, Madeline Hill.

An evening walk to the Kitchen Creek Community Garden might entice one to stroll through the Madeline Hill Park on the sidewalks or manicured pathways then meander throughout the grounds and around the pond.  Perhaps one would take a moment to sit in the gazebo (made by the members of the woodshop at Mountain Meadows) and gaze out at the nature views and pause to reflect.  Ah! Life is Good Here!

Perhaps while walking, one might encounter a duck family in the pond or see a majestic Black Tailed buck deer gazing at you through the trees.  One might hear the melodious song of the variety of birds which inhabit this special park.  More than likely one will meet another resident doing the exact same thing– enjoying the scenic stroll through the park; maybe on their way to the community garden to harvest some vegetable or pick some flowers for a friend.  Maybe there is a game of horseshoes underway or Bocce Ball competition taking place – it might be fun to join in!

Life can be extremely hectic and often stressful.  Gardening can calm the spirit and provide renewed energy.  A walk through nature can accomplish this calming of the spirit as well.  Getting in touch with nature; viewing the pond and watching the birds; talking with a fellow resident – all these things the residents of Mountain Meadows 55+ Community have at their fingertips.  For some, it is just outside their doors.  For others, it is only a short walk or bike ride from their home.

The Madeline Hill Park is just one of the special amenities offered to and available for the people who live in Mountain Meadows.  It is one of the many things that make living here

—Just a Walk in the Park.

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