Just the Right Time…

“What will I do when I get there?” “How will I ever make friends?” “I just can’t imagine not having my favorite organic store to go to anymore.” Does this sound familiar?  Maybe you or someone you know is considering a life changing move from the known and comfortable to the unknown and frightening.  Re-locating our lives is never easy at any age.  With the coming-on of years, moving is much more life interrupting and even feared.  Many wait, and wait, and wait for the perfect moment to move because they are rooted in fear and uncertainty.  The perfect moment?  There is no “perfect” moment or time but there is “the right time.”

The “right time” is not the same for everyone, but the principal is the same.  It is when you are ready in heart, mind and body.  In the case of moving, it is when you find the piece of paradise where you want to spend your life.  It is knowing the town or city or community surrounding your paradise is an extension of that same paradise.  It is knowing you have friends or family waiting for you to be closer as you grow older and you have decided not to prolong it any longer.

At Mountain Meadows 55+ Community, we understand there is uncertainty and fear in moving and relocating your life — but when it is right, it is simply that — RIGHT.  Don’t wait until you are ready because you will wait too long. Maybe today is the right time for beginning the 55+ lifestyle at Mountain Meadows!

You do not make friends easily?  Making friends is simple — you need to be involved where other people are.  You can’t stay in one place and make new friends if they do not know who you are or where you live.  Join in with activities or committees.  Enjoy dinner at a community table.  Drive a neighbor to the Ashland Food Co-op for organic produce.  Attend an OLLI class at the University and make more friends.  Getting involved with your community and sharing your knowledge and talents is what will make your relocation successful and rewarding.

Ashland has a great deal to offer to all ages.  It has held families captivated for generations.  Mountain Meadows is a community with its own charm and appeal but is a vital part of the Ashland experience as well.  Don’t miss out on the piece of paradise that is waiting for you.  Don’t miss out because you think you are not ready or you won’t make friends, or, or, or…make the decision today.  This may very well be “Just the Right Time.”

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