New year’s… Realization!

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone and we are starting 2016. It seems like just yesterday it was 2000 and we were wondering if the computers and calendars would make it into the new millennium! It is truly amazing how time flies by. I can remember my mother telling me when I was quite young that the older I would get, the faster time would go by. I did not believe her at the time but I sure do now!

Sometimes, when time goes by so quickly, we come to the realization that we need to make some changes in our lives before more time goes by. We realize we need to consider making a move to a place where we can “age in place” and enjoy our retirement years. We may consider moving to be near to children and families. We may decide to move to a new town and embark on a new adventure for the remainder of our lives – someplace like Mountain Meadows 55+ Resort Community in Ashland.

Recognizing the need to make a change in our lives and having the courage to make the change reality is part of the realization process that we are growing older and need to be rooted in a wonderful community with other people who are much like us. Mountain Meadows has been helping people realize dreams since 1996. Residents have moved into this enchanting community often beginning in a single family home and eventually moving to a condominium – all the while remaining in the community and maintaining their relationships with friends and fellow residents. Condominium living is an easy care lifestyle. Very little to take care of and you can lock the door and embark on a cross-country trip without worrying about anything.  

Mountain Meadows has a wonderful combination of single family, Craftsman-style homes and condominiums located throughout the 27 acre park-like setting. There is a lovely community garden, fitness/wellness center with indoor pool, wood shop, private dining room on the top level of the clubhouse and so much more. The entire community is designed for helping to age in place and for enjoyment of the retirement years—easy access to units with virtually no need to use stairs.  

This new year of 2016 may be the year! Let us help you with life’s changes. Perhaps this year there are no resolutions but, instead, New Year Realizations.

Happy New Year from Mountain Meadows Realty and everyone at Mountain Meadows 55+  Resort Community.
Mountain Meadows
857 Mountain Meadows Dr.
Ashland, OR.

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