Obamacare Rolls On!

So much good news from the Supreme Court last month!

Medicare News

Open Enrollment for 2016 begins

October 15 to December 7, 2015

This is a great time of year to evaluate your current Medicare plan. Is it working for you? Do you wonder if you made the right choice when you first signed up? Each year at this time, a special opportunity exists to make changes to your coverage.

October 15 to December 7 is when ALL people with Medicare can change their Medicare health plan and prescription drug coverage for 2016. Information on 2016 plans will be available beginning in October. No medical examination is required.

Schedule a free enrollment consultation, to explore your options!

We are booking consultations beginning in September. Don’t miss this opportunity to “look under the hood” of your Medicare coverage.

Open Enrollment for 2016 begins

November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016

Enrollment for the 2015 plan year is over, unless you meet the requirements for a Special Enrollment Period. These requirements include changes in income, welcoming a new child into your household, moving, changes in marital status or some other special circumstances.

However… if you missed your chance to enroll for 2015, your opportunity for 2016 is coming soon. During open enrollment, you can make changes to your coverage- including switching plans, or switching insurance carriers. It is always a good idea to compare rates and benefits, as they change annually.

To avoid a lapse in coverage, complete your enrollment by December 15, 2015. After that, the earliest date your insurance can start is February 1, 2016. You, and your family, may be left without health coverage in January.

Need help? Schedule a free consultation, to get the coverage you need. Book your November appointment early, for peace of mind.

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